Ultimate French Toast

This is kind of a baked french toast sandwich, but served with butter and syrup. The egg/milk mixture can be used for regular grilled french toast also. This is really good when made with home-made lemon flavored egg bread.

Makes 4. Can easily be cut in half.

4 eggs

1 cup milk (a little more if necessary) Whole milk or part cream is best, but skim milk works also.

A couple of dashes of each: powdered vanilla and cinnamon. (also good to add a few drops lemon extract if using plain white bread).

1 T. brown sugar.

1/4 t. salt

Beat all the above together until well blended.

8 slices bread, day old.

Soft cream cheese.

Fresh raspberries or strawberries (jam is good too if fresh berries are not available.)

Spread cream cheese on one side of each bread slice. Put 2 together to make a sandwich, with the berries or jam in the center. Dip into egg mixture, being sure both sides are well coated. Bake in buttered (or sprayed) pan at 350. until brown, about 20 - 25 min.