Istanbul and the Black Sea





Istanbul was one of the places that I've always wanted to see. The architecture of the mosques is beautiful and unique. This cruise began in Athens and our first stop was Kusadasi (for Ephasus) Turkey. We had been there before, but they have excavated some new areas, so that was what we concentrated on this time. Sirence was a small town nearby and in between was Mary's house. Then, back to Greece for Volos and Thessaloniki. Two days in Istanbul gave us time to see the mosques, huge grand bazaar, spice market and have dinner in a lighthouse on a tiny island. From Istanbul we went around the Black sea with stops in Sinop and Trabzon, Turkey; Sochi, Russia, and Savastopol, Ukraine. Here are several slide shows of each point of interest.

Ephasus, Turkey

Sinop, Turkey

Sirence, Turkey

Sinop Archaeological Museum

Volos, Greece

Trabzon, Turkey

Thessaloniki, Greece

Trabzon, Sumela Monastery

Sea of Marmara & Istanbul

Sochi, Russia

Istanbul, Spice Market

Sochi Botanical Garden

Mosques of Istanbul

Sevastopol, Ukraine

Istanbul, Grand Bazaar

Sevastopol, Folk Show