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This site contains over 400 photos that we took on our recent European vacation and Mediterranean Cruise onboard the Holland-America line's M.S. Rotterdam. We spent a few days in Greece before the cruise and a few days after in Italy. These web pages are pretty much in the same order as the route we took.  

The Rotterdam (and most cruises) stopped in each country for only a day. In most ports we had 2 or 3 bus tours to choose from. Most were full day tours which left early and returned at dinner time. We did have a couple of days at sea; however, we were too tired to see most of the entertainment on the ship.  

We took over 2000 photos, using both a digital and a point & shoot type camera. We had a 64 mg. memory chip for the digital camera, which allowed us to take up to 200 photos a day. These were uploaded onto a laptop computer each night  and named while our memory was fresh. We took 32 rolls of film with the other camera.  I personally had 'sensory overload' from seeing so much. This makes it more difficult to remember which ruin or statue was where......  

Each photo is shown in a 'thumbnail' (small) size. Just click on it to get the larger version, so you can see the details, etc. To return to the page from the large view, right click on the page (outside the picture) and choose 'back'.


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Greece Turkey Egypt Islands Italy The Ship & Kitchen